Graduate Research Seminar

Photos from 2019 GRS:

Graduate Research Seminar (GRS) IPCG 2019

Chair: Andrea Lotierzo

If you have questions about the GRS for IPCG 2019, please feel free to email Andrea:

GRS in Shanghai 2013

The Graduate Research Seminars are preceding the International Polymer Colloids Group Conference. The purpose is to bring together young scientists in the field to get to know each other and to prepare for the actual conference, also learning about the traditions in the community. During the GRS there will be 4 masterclasses as well as opportunities to share your research with your colleagues through presentations, discussions and posters. The student posters will also be shown during the actual conference.

The four masterclasses:

  1. Alexander M.Van Herk “Features of Emulsion Polymerisation”
  2. Mohamed S. El-Aasser “Features of Miniemulsion Polymerisation”
  3. Joseph Keddie “Film Formation”
  4. Bernd Reck “Correlating colloidal structure of polymer latexes with application relevant processes”