IPCG 2023 Confirmed Speakers

Confirmed Speaker List IPCG 2023

Prof. Takuzo Aida

Tokyo University 
Depart. of Chemistry & Biotechnology 
Tokyo, Japan 


Title: To follow soon

Prof. Jose M. Asua

University of Basque County
Polymat Institute
San Sebastian, Spain


Title: Overcoming the film formation dilemma


Prof. Sabine Beuermann

Clausthal University of Technology
Institute of Technical Chemistry
Clausthal-Zellerfeld Germany


Title: Kinetic Monte Carlo simulations – a valuable tool for modeling emulsion polymerization processes

Dr. Matthew Carter

The DOW Chemical Company
Collegeville PA, USA


Title: Hybrid latex particles: new approaches for industrial applications

Prof. Dagmar D’Hooge

Ghent University
Laboratory for Chemical Technology
Ghent, The Netherlands


Title: The role of the particle size in miniemulsion radical polymerization

Ing. Daniel Horak

Czech Academy of Sciences
Inst. of Macromolecular Chemistry,
Prague, Czech Republic

Title: Surface engineering of upconversion colloid particles for sensing, targeting, multimodal bioimaging, and photodynamic therapy

Prof. Arthi Jayaraman

University of Delaware
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Newark/DE, USA



Title: Combining modeling, simulations, and machine learning to link molecular design to structure in macromolecular soft materials

Prof. Eugenia Kumacheva

University of Toronto
Department of Chemistry
Toronto, Canada


Title: Nanocolloidal gels: the role of very important (VIP) soft nanoparticles

Dr. Muriel Lansalot

University of Lyon a
Lyon, France


Title: Degradable vinylic polymer particles synthesized by aqueous (controlled) radical emulsion polymerization

Dr. Samane Mehravar

Dispersions & Resins


Title: An insight into product carbon footprint of polymer colloids

Dr. Timo Melchin  

Wacker Chemie AG 

Innovation Polymers
Burghausen, Germany  

Title: Towards biodegradable vinyl acetate polymer dispersions – limitations in radical ring-opening emulsion polymerization

Prof. Orlando Rojas

University of British Columbia
Department of Chemistry
Vancouver, Canada


Title: To follow soon

Dr. Jutta Rieger

Sorbonne Université, CNRS
Institute Parisien de Chemie Moléculaire
Paris, France


Title: Recent Developments in Polymerization-Induced Self-Assembly

Prof. Takaya Terashima

Kyoto University,
Department of Polymer Chemistry
Kyoto, Japan


Title: Controlled Self-Assembly and Self-Sorting Systems of Amphiphilic Polymers: Discovery and New Stage by Random Copolymers

Prof. John Tsavalas,

University of New Hampshire,
College of Engineering & Physical Sci.
Durham/NH, USA


Title: Frustrating the system to achieve new hybrid particle morphologies

Prof. Alex van Herk

Eindhoven University of Technology,
Department of Built Environment
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Title: Insertion of breakable bonds in polyacrylates through polymerization in aqueous media (with Dr. Thoniyot Praveen, ISCE2, Singapore)